Math Review Strategies for Test Prep Season

Are you running out of ideas on how to review math this test prep season?

It is almost state testing time and the mood in your classroom is different. Taking tests is a huge source of anxiety, not just for students, but for teachers as well. That’s why it is best that we prepare our students the best way we know how. 

Here are a few strategies to help your students review math and help ease their anxiety too.  

  1. Review what they need to know

Jamming everything in your students’ brains won’t help much. Choose topics that they need to know and focus your review on those math skills. 

  1. Check what your students already know

When reviewing a topic, start with a brain dump. Ask your students to write down everything they know about a topic. This is a great way to find out what they remember and start from there. 

  1. Focus on one standard at a time

This might seem slow for you, but what’s worse than being slow is moving on without having everyone on board. Circulate your classroom and observe your students’ work. Check if they have a conceptual understanding of each math standard that you are reviewing. 

Check out our resources that focus on each 4th-grade math standard. These have review pages, an anchor chart or a guided notes page, and plenty of practice for your students to master each skill.

4th grade multiplication review worksheet
compare and order numbers review worksheet
  1. Let your students lead the review

Peer language may be better, especially with review. Group your students and assign a “math coach” or a “math tutor” for each group. This way, you can also focus on one group that struggles. You can also take this time to observe the classroom and see what other topics the students are struggling with.

  1. Use games to review
multiplication with arrays task cards

Doing drills and taking lots of tests on a desk will drain the energy from your room. Keep the energy up! Use whiteboards on desks, play trashketball, or use task cards to play scoot. 

  1. Use technology
area model digital task cards

Technology is your friend. Use it to your advantage. Use old tests and re-purpose them to make questions in Kahoot! Or Quizziz. You can also create Google Forms and Google Slides out of them. 

If you don’t have the time to make resources for your classroom, we already made them for you. Here are some digital activities that might cover the topics you need for your 4th graders. 

compare and order fractions digital review
standard word expanded form review
4th grade area model multiplication
  1. Keep a positive attitude

State testing season may not be your favorite, but keep it positive. Your students will understand how you feel toward testing and they might catch your attitude too.

  1. Encourage student confidence

The more confidence your students have, the lower their test anxiety. Sure, a little anxiety is natural, but having huge confidence in themselves will make them feel better about taking tests.

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