Filipino Beginning Letter Sound

Pictures are a great way to introduce a language to a child. Here’s an activity you can do to introduce some Filipino words to your child. 

To use this activity, say the word out loud then, have your child choose the beginning letter of the sound that you made. You can use this two ways – as a clip card or as a digital activity on Google Slides. 

How to use Filipino Beginning Letter Sound as a clip card

  1. Open the file using Google Slides. 
  2. Click on File>Download>Choose PDF.
  3. Print the file. 
  4. Cut the boxes so that you have four questions on each page. 
  5. Laminate each card.
  6. Set up as a learning center with clothespins. 

How to use Filipino Beginning Letter Sound on Google Slides

  1. Sign in to your Google account.
  2. Make a copy of the file 
  3. Stay on edit mode to be able to move the pieces

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